Bespoke Worktop Cutouts for Custom Kitchen Designs

We provide complete customisation of marble, granite, quartz and porcelain worktops. Getting a new worktop brings exciting possibilities for updating your kitchen or bathroom; our cutouts ensure it’s a success.

Our Bespoke Cutouts Services

Our specialised cutout service integrates sinks, hobs, taps, and other features into your countertop. Read on to learn more about the types of cutouts we offer and the benefits of using our bespoke service.

Hob cutout in kitchen worktops | Bespoke Cutouts Service

Visualise an updated kitchen or bathroom, then make it a reality with our bespoke worktop cutouts service. All installations pose unique demands, and we have solutions perfected over years of custom fabrication experience.

Share your vision—we handle every detail, from precise measurements to expert cuts suited for your space. By commissioning us for your next worktop project, you can discover firsthand how transformative customised cutouts can be.

Sink Cutouts

Installing a sink into your countertop requires expert precision. We offer cutouts for all sink types and finishes.

Belfast sink cutout, drainage grooves, 100mm upstands and custom window sill

Belfast Sink Cutouts

Craft a classic, farmhouse-style kitchen with our Belfast sink cutouts. Designed to accommodate Belfast sinks’ unique size and shape, these cutouts blend traditional charm with modern functionality.

Belfast sinks, with their wide rectangular design, remain popular for kitchens aiming for a traditional aesthetic. We cut neat openings tailored precisely to your chosen Belfast sink.

Bespoke Cutouts Service | white sink cutout trad kitchen

Polished Sink Cutouts

Our polished sink cutouts are the perfect choice for a sleek, refined look. The edges are meticulously polished, offering a smooth, seamless integration with your sink that elevates the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Polished sinks from stainless steel or ceramic materials bring a gleaming, high-end look. We cut and polish openings to match your chosen sink size and configuration.

Unpolished Sink Cutout

Unpolished Sink Cutouts

Unpolished sink cutouts are made for over-mount sinks. When you need a stainless steel or pre-cast over-mount sink opening, choose this option for the best fit.

Far from a lesser option, our unpolished sink cutouts provide ultimate design flexibility for customers looking to add a one-piece sink and drainer after installing the worktops. Single, 1.5, Double and Triple bowl options are available.

All our sink cutouts are completely customised to your sink dimensions and desired positioning within your countertop. We shave away just the right amount to perfectly integrate your sink while preserving the continuity of the surrounding surface. Combine with our drainage grooves service to complete the look.

Hob Cutouts

Our hob cutouts are precision-engineered to fit any hob size or brand, ensuring your cooking area is functional and stylish. With seamless integration, these cutouts make your hob the centrepiece of your kitchen.

Safely installing your hob into a worktop requires precise openings. We measure your hob and make a neat aperture in your worktop material to embed it flawlessly. Gas and electric hobs pose different demands, both easily managed by our experienced team.

Hob Cutout
Downdraft Cutouts

Downdraft Cutouts

Downdraft systems, which retract into your worktop when not in use, offer a minimalist, efficient solution for kitchen ventilation, eliminating the need for overhead hoods.

  • Precision Craftsmanship: Our downdraft cutouts are meticulously engineered to ensure a perfect fit for your chosen ventilation system, guaranteeing flawless operation and a sleek appearance.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: With downdraft cutouts, your kitchen retains its streamlined look, free from the visual interruption of traditional vent hoods. This solution is ideal for kitchen islands and open-plan spaces where design continuity is critical.
  • Optimised Functionality: Downdraft systems effectively remove steam, smoke, and odours at the source, contributing to a fresher, cleaner kitchen environment. Our cutouts ensure your system functions efficiently, enhancing your cooking experience.

Choosing a downdraft cutout means opting for a modern, clutter-free kitchen where design and functionality coexist harmoniously. Let your kitchen stand out with the innovative elegance of downdraft ventilation.

Range Cooker/Aga Cutouts

Our bespoke range cooker and Aga cutouts ensure these iconic appliances are perfectly framed within your worktops, blending traditional warmth with the precision of modern craftsmanship.

  • Tailored to Tradition: Whether you’re installing a classic Aga or a contemporary range cooker, our cutouts are custom-designed to fit your appliance’s unique dimensions, ensuring a snug, seamless fit that enhances the traditional charm of your kitchen.
  • Style and Durability: Range cookers and Agas are renowned for their longevity, a quality mirrored in our durable worktop materials and cutout craftsmanship. Choose from marble, granite, quartz, or porcelain to complement your cooker’s timeless appeal.
  • Functional Beauty: Beyond aesthetic appeal, our range cooker and Aga cutouts consider practicality—facilitating easy cooking and cleaning access while preserving the visual harmony of your kitchen’s design.

Our bespoke cutouts ensure these focal points fit perfectly into your space and enhance the everyday joy of cooking and living.

Tap Hole Cutout

Tap Holes

Custom tap holes are drilled precisely, allowing for effortless tap style or design installation. Whether you prefer a traditional mixer or a modern single lever, our cutouts ensure your taps blend flawlessly with your worktop.

We provide openings at the ideal diameter and placement to install your taps, filtered water systems or instant boiling water taps. Thanks to our versatile service, multiple taps with different functions can be neatly arranged.

Waste Holes

Functional and discreet, our waste holes are designed to complement your sinks, bathtubs, and shower trays for hassle-free drainage. We expertly cut holes in quartz, porcelain, marble, and granite worktops to install sink wastes.

We’ll ensure correct hole size and placement during fabrication, then fit with precision on your chosen install date.

Waste Cutout
Popup Socket in a kitchen island, supplied and fitted by MGD Herefordshire.

Popup Socket Holes

Embrace modern convenience with popup socket holes, providing easy access to power wherever you need it. These cutouts are perfect for kitchens with limited wall space, allowing you to charge devices and use appliances without clutter.

Maintaining a sleek worktop surface while providing needed electrical outlets poses challenges that are easily solved by our cutout service. We’ll create custom holes for popup sockets made of any material from granite to porcelain to embed in your countertop. Multi-outlet strips can also be recessed below.

Cables stay hidden from view while you conveniently access power.

Notches, Cutouts & Unique Shapes

Unleash your creativity with custom notches and shapes. Whether you’re looking for a specific design to fit an unusual space or a decorative edge to add character, our team can craft cutouts to your specifications.

Our specialist fabricators have the vision and capability to translate unique ideas into reality with precision cutting and shaping services.

Custom notches allow your worktop to fit around beams and boxing; our custom curves let your worktop curve neatly around pipes or wall contours.

Bath Cutout

Why Choose Our Bespoke Cutouts Service?

Specialising in premium materials such as marble, granite, quartz, and porcelain, we bring local craftsmanship and world-class quality to the centre of your home with cutouts designed to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Precision Fabrication

Get openings tailored to your exact specifications by our experienced fabricators. We measure with care and cut using specialist tools to deliver high accuracy.

Easy Maintenance

Designed for the busy lives of Herefordshire residents, our materials are chosen for their low-maintenance qualities, allowing you more time to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

White quartz worktops with sink cutout
Fabrication Services

Customisation at Its Best

In Herefordshire, no two homes are the same. Our service celebrates this with bespoke cutouts that cater to the individual needs and styles of Herefordshire residents, ensuring your kitchen is a true reflection of you.

Quick & Clean Installation

Get your countertop fully prepared for easy onsite assembly. Sinks, taps and more drop right into precut openings ready for hook-up. No lingering installation mess either – we contain dust and debris at our workshop, saving you cleanup time.

Local Craftsmanship, Personal Service.

By choosing us, you’re not just getting a service but embracing a piece of Herefordshire craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality, personalised design consultations, and competitive pricing are designed around the needs and preferences of the Hereford community.

  • Local Understanding: We bring an intimate understanding of local aesthetics and architecture to every project.
  • Community Focus: Our service is tailored to the community, focusing on enhancing the beauty and functionality of Herefordshire homes.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our Herefordshire clients, and we have local testimonials to prove it.
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