Transform Your Home with Dekton Splashbacks

Discover the ultimate blend of elegance and practicality with Dekton Splashbacks. Transform your kitchen and bathroom into spaces of serene beauty and unmatched durability.

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Dekton Kitchen Splashbacks – Functional Beauty

Elevate your cooking space with a Dekton kitchen splashback for functional elegance. More than just a backdrop for your kitchen, they’re a statement of sophistication and style.

The resilience of Dekton material ensures that your kitchen walls are protected from even the most enthusiastic of splatters and the most scorching of heat, while its easy-to-clean surface makes maintaining a spotless kitchen as effortless as making toast.

Dekton Bathroom Splashbacks: Your Oasis

Transform your bathroom from a mere functional space into a tranquil oasis with Dekton bathroom splashbacks. These splashbacks provide more than just a pretty face; they bring practicality to your most intimate space.

Resistant to moisture and easy to sanitise, Dekton ensures a hygienic environment, which is essential in any bathroom setting, unless you’re a fan of sharing your space with unwanted microscopic guests. Its durability means it stands up to daily use without losing its lustre, even if you have a penchant for marathon showers.

Dekton Bathroom Vanities
Dekton - Carbon-neutral, ultracompact surfaces

Why Choose a Dekton Splashback?

  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean, offering a hassle-free lifestyle for those who have better things to do than scrub walls.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Wide range of colours and finishes to suit every taste, from minimalist chic to maximalist extravagance.
  • Long-Term Investment: Backed by a 25-year manufacturer guarantee, because we’re in it for the long haul.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Carbon-neutral production for a greener choice, because we care about the planet too.

Our Services

  • Expert Consultation: Our specialists guide you in selecting the perfect splashback, so you don’t end up with a kitchen that clashes with your personality.
  • Tailored Fitting: We offer nationwide delivery and professional templating and fitting services because measuring twice and cutting once is our motto.
  • Affordable Luxury: Quality splashbacks that don’t break the bank, because everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives.
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Enhance Your Herefordshire Home with Dekton Splashbacks

Transform your kitchen and bathroom spaces in Herefordshire with a perfect blend of beauty and resilience, ideal for the bustling activities of any modern home.

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What Makes Dekton Splashbacks Exceptional?

  • Durability and Resistance: They resist scratches, wear, and tear, ensuring your space remains timeless and elegant for years.
  • Stain Resistance: The non-porous surface prevents staining and is effortless to clean, making them ideal for active families​.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: They come in various colours and finishes, from sleek contemporary designs to classic, traditional looks.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Dekton is the only Cradle-to-Grave carbon-neutral surface on the market, ensuring your home improvement choices are environmentally responsible​.

Customisation and Installation

We offer tailored solutions to fit your specific needs. Our Dekton splashbacks can be customised in size and style, ensuring a perfect fit for your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, installation is a breeze with our professional templating and fitting services.

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