Discover the Enduring Beauty of our Marble Wall Cladding

Marble has always been synonymous with luxury and timelessness. Our Marble Wall Cladding collection embodies this tradition, bringing sophistication with a palette that ranges from bold and dramatic to soft and tranquil; marble cladding transforms any space into a masterpiece of elegance and style.

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Revolutionise Your Spaces with Texture and Colour

Our Marble Wall Cladding offers an array of finishes that add depth and character to your walls, with textures that invite touch and colours that warm the soul. From the organic lines of Calacatta and Onyx surfaces to the tranquil hues of softer, lighter shades like Crema Marfil, our collection is on-trend, ensuring your space is seen and felt.

White Marble Wall Cladding on a feature wall behind a staircase in an open plan living space

Features at a Glance:

  • Heavy Veined Elegance: Bold patterns that make a statement.
  • Textured Surfaces: Add dimension and warmth to any room.
  • Soft, Subdued Shades: For a tranquil and sophisticated ambience.
  • Versatile Design Options: Complements any interior design theme, from minimalist to maximalist.

Transform Your Home into a Haven of Style and Serenity

Marble Wall Cladding is more than an aesthetic choice; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Elevate your home with surfaces that reflect your taste for the finer things while providing a practical, durable solution to modern living. The possibilities are endless, whether accentuating a single feature wall or enveloping a room in marble’s natural beauty.

Marble Wall Cladding in a modern living room

Our Marble Wall Cladding Colours

Dive into our exquisite collection, where each piece tells a story of luxury and elegance. From Carrara’s classic charm to Emperador’s dramatic veins, our range caters to diverse tastes and design requirements.

Herefordshire’s Premier Suppliers of Marble Wall Cladding

Welcome to the heart of Herefordshire, where we bring the timeless elegance of marble wall cladding to your doorstep. Our locally sourced, premium marble wall cladding is not just a design choice; it’s a statement. Ideal for residential and commercial spaces, our products promise to add a touch of sophistication and durability to any environment.

Arabescato Vagli Marble

Why Choose Marble Wall Cladding?

Elegance That Lasts: For centuries, marble has been synonymous with luxury and longevity. Our collection offers a range of patterns and hues, ensuring that each piece is unique, adding unparalleled character to your space.

Durability & Maintenance: Designed to withstand the test of time, our marble cladding is perfect for Herefordshire’s varied climate. Easy to clean and maintain, it keeps its lustrous appearance year after year.

Local Touch: Sourced from the finest quarries and tailored by local artisans, our marble wall cladding reflects Herefordshire’s rich heritage and craftsmanship.

Our Services

Personal Consultation: Start your journey with a confidential consultation. Our design experts will help you choose the perfect marble cladding to complement your space and personality.

Custom Design & Installation: From precise measurements to custom designs and professional installation, we ensure a seamless process that brings your vision to life.

Aftercare Support: We stand by the quality of our work. Our aftercare support includes maintenance tips and cleaning guidelines to keep your marble cladding pristine.

Jura Grey-Blue Marble from Brachot
Unveil the beauty of Rosso Levanto Marble, an Italian masterpiece with a unique burgundy to purple background and white veins.

Why Herefordshire Chooses Us

  • Local Expertise: Our team, based in Herefordshire, understands the local aesthetics and architectural nuances, ensuring that your marble wall cladding perfectly aligns with the local charm.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are committed to sustainability, responsibly sourcing our materials and minimising our carbon footprint throughout the installation.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you to ensure that every detail, from design to installation, meets your expectations.

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