Aeris Dekton Kitchen Worktops and Island Installation

The recent project involved supplying, fabricating, and fitting various kitchen worktop components for a customer. The materials used were Dekton Aeris with a 20mm thickness, which offers a sleek and modern look with its neutral, creamy colour. The worktops were finished with a single chamfer edge detail, providing a refined and clean edge profile.

The job also included 100mm upstands, a polished sink cutout accompanied by handmade drainage grooves, a hob cutout for the cooking area, and custom window sills with dimensions of 860mm x 200mm. These elements combined to create a coherent and functional kitchen workspace.

Tailored to Perfection

The single chamfer edge detail is more than a finishing touch; it’s a statement of sophistication that complements the minimalist aesthetic. The upstands create a seamless transition from worktop to wall, protecting the paint and adding to the visual flow. The polished sink cutout and handmade drainage grooves marry functionality with artisanal craftsmanship, ensuring practicality does not compromise beauty.

The hob cutout was measured meticulously to fit the customer’s appliances perfectly, while the custom window sills not only enhance the kitchen’s charm but also provide practical sill space, all tailored to the precise dimensions of 860mm x 200mm.

Fabrication and Installation: Precision at Every Step

Our Marble & Granite Designs team took great care in the fabrication process, ensuring that every measurement was precise, every cut was clean, and every finish was flawless. Installation was a symphony of skill and efficiency, with each component fitting into place with the exactness of a jigsaw puzzle.

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