Granite Vanities: Transform Your Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of sophistication and resilience with our premium Granite Bathroom Vanities. These beauties are crafted from the finest granite, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to your space while being tough as nails.

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Why Buy a Granite Bathroom Vanity?

Granite is the superhero of bathroom materials – it’s durable, resistant to wear and tear, and ready to take on anything your bathroom throws at it. Our Granite Bathroom Vanities aren’t just a pretty face; they’re a practical choice for anyone looking to invest in their home’s future. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with various patterns and colours in store that’ll make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

Granite Bathroom Vanities - White granite

Key Features

  • Exceptional Durability: Granite’s natural hardness makes it resistant to scratches, chips, and stains. It’s like having a miniature fortress in your bathroom.
  • Easy to Clean: A quick wipe with a soft cloth and mild cleaner keeps your vanity looking fresh as a daisy.
  • Heat Resistant: Granite won’t break a sweat in high humidity and heat, ensuring it stays looking fabulous.
  • Versatile Design: Whether your style is modern or traditional, granite fits right in.


  • Long-term Investment: Boost your home’s value with granite’s enduring beauty and functionality.
  • Low Maintenance: Granite requires minimal upkeep, giving you more time to enjoy your stunning bathroom.
  • Health & Hygiene: Granite’s smooth surface prevents bacterial growth, keeping your bathroom cleaner and safer.
Granite Bathroom Vanities - Black Granite

Our Granite Vanity Colours

Picture this: every morning, you step into your bathroom and are greeted by the luxurious, calming presence of your granite vanity. It’s not just about looks; it’s about creating a personal retreat where you can relax and recharge. With our Granite Bathroom Vanities, you’re not just buying furniture – you’re investing in an experience that uplifts your daily routine and enhances your well-being.

Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary. Upgrade to a Granite Bathroom Vanity today and experience the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and sophistication. Browse our collection to find the centrepiece of your dream bathroom.

Herefordshire’s Premier Granite Bathroom Vanities Installer

Looking to transform your bathroom into a luxurious escape? At MGD in Hereford, we specialise in elevating your bathroom experience with our stunning selection of high-quality granite vanities. We bring you the finest materials and craftsmanship that blend style, durability, and elegance into every piece.

Black Granite Bathroom Vanity in a modern bathroom

Benefits of Granite Vanities

  • Elegant Durability: Granite is renowned for its hardiness and resistance to scratches, chips, and stains, making it the perfect choice for your daily routines. Not only does it stand the test of time, but its natural beauty adds an unparalleled elegance to your space.
  • Unique Designs: Each granite piece has unique patterns and colours that add an exclusive charm to your bathroom. Our diverse range ensures you’ll find the perfect match for your style and decor theme.
  • Value Addition: A granite vanity is a smart choice for any homeowner. It enhances your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and boosts your property’s overall value.

Our Services

  • Custom Designs: Dreaming of a vanity that perfectly fits your space and style? Our experienced designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring a tailor-made solution that exceeds your expectations.
  • Professional Installation: Our skilled installers ensure a seamless fit and finish with meticulous attention to detail. From the initial measurements to the final polish, we guarantee a hassle-free installation process that leaves you with a stunning bathroom centrepiece.
  • Aftercare Support: We stand by the quality of our products and services. Our aftercare support includes maintenance tips and advice to keep your granite vanity looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.
Traditional black granite as a bathroom worktop

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Experience the beauty and quality of our granite vanities firsthand at our showroom in Hereford. It’s a treasure trove of inspiration, showcasing various styles, colours, and finishes. Our friendly staff is on hand to guide you through our collections and answer any questions.

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