Cosentino Silestone Supply & Fit, Herefordshire

Silestone brings the beauty of natural stone to your home in a durable material uniquely engineered for lasting quality, style, and reliability.

Discover the Beauty of Silestone in Herefordshire

Are you dreaming of a kitchen or bathroom that combines elegant design with durability? Silestone brings your dream to life. Located in Herefordshire, we are your local Silestone experts, ready to transform your home with a touch of sophistication and a whole lot of durability.

Silestone - care and maintenance

Silestone Offers Innovative Design Options

With Silestone, your design options are truly limitless. From striking solids to vibrant patterns, our extensive collection has the perfect colours and textures for your vision. It also comes in various slab sizes and finishes, such as polished, suede, and volcanic textures, allowing customised installations.

Silestone is Built to Last

Every Silestone surface is made to stand the test of time while retaining its original beauty thanks to protective qualities like superior stain, scratch and acid resistance.

All these qualities are backed with an industry-leading 25-year guarantee.

Silestone in the kitchen - kitchen worktop with fresh bread on a bread-board.
Silestone Worktops: Ethereal Noctis marble-effect worktop

Cosentino’s Commitment to Silestone Sustainability

The patented HybriQ+ manufacturing technology uses at least 20% recycled materials in crafting Silestone. This process also minimises hazardous silica dust to create a safer product and work environment.

This commitment results in beautifully designed, ethical surfaces.

Our Silestone Products and Colours

With Silestone as the surface material for your kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, and other living spaces, you can be confident that you’ve made a sound investment in your home’s style, performance, and reliability for decades.

Silestone Wall Cladding and kitchen island in contrasting colours with Japanese-style teacup in black..

The Benefits of Silestone for Your Herefordshire Home

  • High Durability: Silestone is renowned for its resilience. It’s resistant to stains, scratches, and water ingress, making it the perfect companion for your bustling kitchen or bathroom.
  • Stunning Aesthetics: With an array of colours and textures, Silestone adds that luxurious look to any space, tailored to match the unique charm of Herefordshire homes.
  • Hygienic Surfaces: Thanks to its non-porous nature, Silestone keeps your surfaces free from bacteria and viruses, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your family.
  • Local Expertise: Our team in Herefordshire understands your needs. We provide personalised service and advice, ensuring your Silestone choice is perfect for your home’s style and functionality.

We’re Hereford’s Silestone Specialists

  • Custom Countertops: From sleek kitchen islands to elegant bathroom vanities, we craft countertops that highlight your home.
  • Flooring & Wall Siding: Elevate your space with Silestone flooring and wall siding, designed to withstand the test of time while adding beauty and value to your home.
  • Design Consultation: Not sure where to start? Our design experts in Herefordshire are here to help, offering free consultations to bring your vision to life.
Silestone Wall Cladding and countertop surface with waterfall edge in a modern white and rose-gold decor kitchen.
Silestone worktops in a modern kitchen setting with a white, marble-effect colour, paired with Silestone splashback and white wall cladding.

Why Herefordshire Loves Silestone

Our customers can’t stop raving about how Silestone has transformed their homes. It’s not just about the product but the service, the local touch, and the commitment to quality we bring to every project.

Whether renovating a quaint cottage in the countryside or modernising a townhouse in the city’s heart, MGD’s Silestone Herefordshire supply and fitting service is your go-to for a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

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