Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at one of our most recent and riveting projects – a kitchen transformation that speaks volumes about the MGD dedication to artistry and quality. Nestled in the serene county of Herefordshire, a family dreamed of elevating their culinary space to match their taste for the finer things in life. They entrusted us with a vision: to create a kitchen that was not only a feast for the eyes but a testament to timeless durability. The centrepiece? The luxurious Vancouver Sensa Granite.

Project Overview

The journey began in a kitchen that was eager for a facelift – functional, yet longing for that spark of elegance. Our client’s vision was clear: they wanted a space that resonated with their home’s overall aesthetic while introducing an aura of sophistication. At MGD, we understood that the kitchen is the heart of the home and embarked on a mission to deliver a design that was both heartwarming and awe-inspiring.

The Materials

Vancouver Sensa Granite, a material renowned for its robustness and striking natural patterns, was the chosen protagonist for this narrative. It promised not just endurance against the trials of kitchen life but also an opulence that would elevate the home’s ambience. We chose a 20mm thickness for a pronounced statement of luxury and longevity.

Customisation Details

Our design ethos is rooted in personalization – we believe that every edge, surface, and angle should reflect the homeowner’s unique style. For this project, the granite worktops were sculpted with a single chamfer edge detail, a testament to our attention to detail. The 145mm upstands were not mere additions but a seamless extension of the worktops, ensuring a polished transition from worktop to wall.

The splashbacks were tailored to the exact dimensions required – 1800x478mm, a perfect backdrop for culinary escapades. The window sills followed suit at 940x270mm and 1390x270mm, framing the kitchen’s views and ensuring every aspect was in harmony.

Installation Process

Transforming granite slabs into the final, fitted worktops was a process that combined state-of-the-art technology with the seasoned hands of our craftsmen. Each step, from the initial template to the meticulous installation, was performed with an acute precision that MGD is known for. We navigated through the inherent challenges of customization with creative problem-solving and unwavering dedication.